Maybe Somebody’s Trying to Tell Me Something?

Can’t seem to catch a break. Between crappy weather and mechanical problems, I haven’t flown in two and a half weeks. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, ya’ know?

Here’s how it went. Or failed to went. Uh… go. Oh, whatever…

Wednesday, 25 November: 

Fly with Brad. Weather cancellation at 9:00 am for my 2:00 pm lesson. By 4:00 pm, it’s clear and sunny. Another classic Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment.

Monday and Tuesday, 23 and 24 November: 

Weather sucks. Didn’t have anything scheduled, but couldn’t sneak in because of the weather.

Saturday, 21 November: 

Fly with Brad. Make it as far as the run up ramp. Then the right magneto ran horribly rough. Tried to fix it twice. Took it back to the hangar. Canceled due to mechanical failure. Serious Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment. On the upside, Brad graded my pre-solo written exam, so that part’s out of the way. I’m having more than my share of these lately where flight school is concerned. Jim solos successfully. Greg flies, but can’t solo because he doesn’t have sufficient hours in the air. I learn that I am the only student out of the ground school class to have taken the FAA written exam.

Thursday, 19 November: 

Fly with Brad. Weather cancellation.

Tuesday, 17 November: 

Fly with Chris. Conducted our pre-flight instruction and talked for quite awhile. He’s a patient instructor who doesn’t mind taking tangents while discussing pertinent aviation issues. Move out to the aircraft to do the pre-flight. The cabin smelled as though someone had poured a gallon on fuel on the floor and closed the doors. I wouldn’t drive my car in such a condition, and Chris agreed. Better safe than sorry, and all that. So, canceled due to strong odor of fuel in the cabin. Afterward, Chris spent well over an hour just quizzing me on terminal area charts. That was well worth it! I had an instructor to myself and was able to go anywhere with the discussion. Very valuable.

Saturday, 14 November: 

Tour Potomac Consolidated Terminal Radar Approach Control. Spend time with Jim touring the air traffic control facility. Jim’s supposed to solo today, but the weather’s not cooperating. Run into Greg, another ground school classmate who is also supposed to be soloing today. Weather’s not behaving any differently for him.

I take a quick trip to the Manassas Airport and it’s eerily quiet and foggy. Reminded me of Stephen King’s story “The Mist.” Got scared thinking about that and drove home fast and hid under the covers. Everybody knows they can’t get you when you’re under the covers.

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