Whether the Weather

By now, you’ve all heard about the lovely Blizzard of 2010 here in the Nation’s capital. The snow barreled in and buried pretty much everything. I was snowbound for a few days, and even when I could get out, it was a bit of a struggle. On the upside, I got to watch a whole lot of episodes of “Dexter.” (I’m in the middle of season 3. No spoilers, please.)

On the downside, I haven’t been near an airplane since my solo on January 11th. And I still need to complete Stage Check 1.

Flight training can get discouraging, and if you’ve been reading the Flight School Diaries, you’ll know it’s a struggle to overcome weather, mechanical issues and my own confidence.

Fortunately, Flight Training Magazine, a publication of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, this month has an article all about what to do if you’re feeling discouraged. This could not have come at a better time for me.

So onward.

Now that the snow is no longer crowding the skies, I can get back to training. And with the encouragement of friends, family and the AOPA, I’ll be back in the cockpit in no time!

It will be interesting to learn how perishable the flight skills are after 5 weeks of no flying.


Whether the Weather — 2 Comments

  1. I understand piloting is a lot like riding a bicycle. Only, less pedaling.

    What are you going to do once you’re all checked out? Are you and Max going to rendezvous at fly-ins all over the country?

  2. Chairman! You’re my first comment EVER!

    That was part of the plan Max and I had. We had hoped to attend training together, but of course being in DC kind of put the kibosh on that. I am enjoying the experience in both the practical and academic sense of the training. The VA wll find flight school AFTER you’ve received your private pilot certificate. I’ll probably keep training and getting different ratings for as long as the VA will fund me.

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