An Open Letter to Ted Williams, the Artist Formerly Known as That Homeless Guy with the Great Voice

Dear Ted:

I’m delighted to learn of your story and the happy ending which will hopefully follow. As a former and now wannabe radio guy myself, I’m a tad jealous that you’re getting all the attention and job offers. But hey, I wasn’t going to be hired in radio any time soon anyway, so I’m cool with it all.

Your story gives hope to those of us who have fallen and fallen hard – and believe me, I know about falling all too well. Once you’ve made your successful return to the business and get everything back together for yourself, for me personally, you’ll become an example worthy of emulation — perhaps even an inspiration. I’m hoping that your success will help me move past some of the nearly debilitating daily vestiges of a time in my life I’d rather forget, just as you are moving past yours.

So here’s to you! Congratulations! I hope that you don’t screw it up for yourself. But that’s mostly because I hope you don’t screw it up for me.

All the best,


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