Another Facebook Rant

It’s time for a rant and my rants mean run-on sentences.  Grammar police, you might want to look away.

I’m not going to single anyone out but yes, I’m going to bitch about something that some of you like to do that just completely pisses me off.

Yes, I see your status update, and I’m delighted that you have chosen to post something for an hour in support of some probably worthwhile cause, but I am not going to repost it.  Failing to repost it is not meant to imply that I…

a.) Don’t care.
b.) Am a racist.
c.) Don’t support beating cancer. (Who LIKES cancer?)
d.) Am a Republican.
e.) Am a Democrat.
f.) Am a Libertarian.
g.) Am Gay.
h.) Am Straight.
i.) Am Asexual, Bisexual or Trisexual. (Figure that one out, wise guys!)
j.) Prefer Picard to Kirk.
k.) Prefer Kirk to Picard.
l.) Prefer TOS vs. TNG vs. DS9 vs. Voyager vs. Enterprise vs. J. J. Abrams’s Star Trek
m.)  Approve of any combination of l.) above.

So don’t infer it.

I will support you to the extent that I’m able and to the extent that I give a shit, but the one way I will NOT is to repost anything and everything that looks like a good cause, because I’m just not interested in spending that much time administering my Facebook status and besides I’m just generally not that fucking interested in the first place.

Repost this as your status if you agree.  If you don’t, you’re a jackass.

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