A Necessary Face Lift

Perhaps I’m setting my goals too high, but in anticipation of actually posting something to this blog, it got a makeover:

– Moved from Google to my very own server and started using WordPress as the blog backend.

– Linked it to Facebook.  So this blog post shows up on Facebook and if you like it or comment, it post those back to the blog site.  Pretty cool!

– Linked it to Twitter, so it looks like I’m actually using my Twitter account, which I’m not.

– Added a News Headline feed to the front page via a Twitter list.

– Other cosmetic improvements.

One of the reasons, sez me, to maintain a blog in the first place is that the lifetime of a Facebook post is pretty short.  Going back to find something I wrote way back when is inconvenient.  This way, I can have it both ways.(Yeah, that’s kinda narcissistic.  I like reading my older stuff.  I recommend “A Snowy Tail” from 2009.)

So that’s it.  I’m hoping for a newfound discipline in keeping this site current.

Current is easy.  Interesting is difficult.


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