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I’m frustrated.

I was on my way to the store to get breakfast things for the boys so I asked Beth if she wanted anything.  She thought for a moment and said “Hash browns?”  I told her that sounded yummy and I’d get some shredded potatoes along with the eggs, butter and milk for the small humans. 

Of course I forgot the shredded potatoes.

When she reminded me of this, I was stunned and shamed.  She protested when I told her I’d go back to the store and insisted that I wasn’t to do that.

No problem.

Once the kids were fed, I peeled three small potatoes, shredded them using the low-mileage Cuisinart, chopped up a fresh jalapeno, and threw it all on the griddle.  They came out just fine.  🙂  Beth added some gravy, which I think should become a tradition everywhere.

So all this discussion has two goals:  One: to show that when it comes to breakfasts, I keep my promises and Two: to ask the assembled masses how the hell do you get hash browns to crisp up like the do at the Waffle House?  I can’t get ’em to crisp up no matter whose potatoes I use!  The griddle’s nice and hot.  I can’t figger it.

Anyone with any knowledge of how to do this, please discuss.  

Thank you. 

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