I Really Don’t Know What To Say

IIICorpsFirstly, my thoughts are with the families of those killed and injured in yesterday’s shooting at Fort Hood. I cannot imagine the boundless burden of grief they carry. But as Soldiers and their families most often do, I know they will do so with grace and dignity.

Watching the coverage unfold last night, I typed two words on my Facebook page: “Heavy heart.” I wasn’t able to watch that much of the coverage because of family commitments; story time for Nate and Garrett, the evening’s kitchen maintenance and the like. So I caught it in bits and pieces as I was able to tune in to TV news reports and check the print outlets online.

When Mr. Nidal Hasan shot up Fort Hood in 2009, I and pretty much every other reasonable person got angry.  Betrayal hurts and his was a huge betrayal.  Here was an enemy from within our own ranks. It was easy to feel angry and betrayed by that lunatic.  (And I’m being extraordinarily kind when I use the word “lunatic.”  You should have seen what I wrote in there the first draft.)  Once his appeals are exhausted, I sincerely want the military to execute him, though no one has been executed by the military since 1961. If anyone deserves it, it is Hasan.

This time, there’s no enemy.  I am filled with sorrow.  No anger, just sorrow.


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