“They’re All Quacks.”

I see this phrase online with alarming frequency and it really bugs the hell out of me.

Are there lousy physicians out there?  Yes. Yes, there are.  Are there lousy voiceover actors, lawyers, baristas, contractors, graphic artists and dogs out there?  Also yes. That doesn’t make them ALL bad. That’s a sweeping generalization and it really…

screen-shot-2013-08-19-at-4-27-57-pm… well, you know.

Seriously, knock that shit off. And get off my lawn while you’re at it.

When I was diagnosed with diabetes, my general practitioner was extraordinarily aggressive with my treatment. And he got me off the heavy duty medications including injectable insulin within six months. He’s definitely NOT a quack. In fact, he’s one of the best doctors and diagnosticians I’ve ever worked with.

You’re in charge of your health care. If you think your doctor is a quack, for chrissakes, get another damned doctor. Besides, if you think your doctor is a quack, he probably thinks you’re an idiot. And he’s probably right.

It’s not rocket science. And speaking of science, if the American populace gave a damn about science education, less people would think that “they’re all quacks.” Less people would also be freaked out about vaccines and the Ebola outbreaks and more concerned about the flu, climate change and zombies.

Zombies are real. I’m not joking. They’re coming.

Inform yourself. Arm yourself with REAL science from REAL sources in your information gathering. Never rely solely on information from someone who’s trying to sell you something.  And above all, think critically. Remember arsenic and mercury are both deadly AND natural, therefore “natural” isn’t always better.

It’s a collaboration and you have to do your part, too.


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