Veteran’s Day Is Today

veterans-day-2015Since yesterday’s collection of various veterans was so popular, I’m going to post another bunch of pictures of people with whom I’ve served over the years and some notable friends and others I admire who served honorably.  Some of these are reruns and others may not be.  I’m feeling less lazy today, so I may caption these.

To all of you pictured below, to those colleagues not pictured below and to all who have served honorably, thank you!


Staff of Army Forces Central Command – Saudi Arabia in 2000. Some great Americans in this group. Loved this job.


The ORIGINAL Joint OPERATION TRIBUTE TO FREEDOM Class photo at the Pentagon’s River Entrance.


Family portrait, Dad, me and Jefferson, now a lieutenant colonel.


Dad immediately after his release from active duty, circa 1970.


Dad and Mom.


Riyadh Air Base, Saudi Arabia circa 2000.

Signal Officers Advanced Course, 1985.

Signal Officers Advanced Course, 1985.


Official Photo, first as a colonel, 2002.


Hank Minitrez, Shawn Woodbridge and me at Shawn’s birthday party, I think.


Me on TV as a second lieutenant.


Retired 3-star Ed Soyster and retired colonel Larry Brom during the WWII 60th.


Finance Officer Branch Qualification Course, Fort Jackson, SC in 1999


This one has a built-in caption.


Garold Holcomb, Bill Carnegie and Daryl Pooler on our way to Korea for an EXEVAL of the U.S. Army Finance Command at Yongsan.


My brother, Jefferson, with his unit in Columbus, Ohio.


A reunion of members of Southern California’s 326th Finance Group at National Harbor, MD some years ago.


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  1. Your’e in here, Mike Downs Sr., Rich Breen, Brad Staggs, Lorie Jewell, Bill Greer, Paul Trapp,Jefferson Wolfe, Hank Minitrez, Shawn Marie Woodbridge, James Overman, Jeanie West Driver, William Carnegie, Glenn Hu, Edgar Rivera.

    • I think we did, too. For a school gathering of officers, there’s never been a stronger sense of camaraderie than there was in our class. It stands as the most positive academic and social experience of my military career. Somewhere I still have the paper copies of our graduation party invitation.

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