Today is an Emmettversary!

13427775_10154250369179793_6982913790501233846_nI wrote about His Emmettship in this post a while back. Since then, he’s continued to grow and relax around people to the point at which I am no longer terrified that he’ll viciously chomp down on someone’s extremities on a whim.

Facebook readers will likely have seen these photos before.  For the record, he’s a good dog now, though since allergy season started, he’s added to his list of daily demands.

Fluffy Emmett, looking very much like a dust mop.

Fluffy Emmett, looking very much like a dust mop.

Emmett has hay fever.  At the start of the season, he was scratching his eyes and doing all the things that allergens do to dogs.  A quick call to the veterinary clinic solved the problem with a half a Claritin tablet daily.

The question:  How to get him to take the pill every day?

The answer:  Wrap it in something yummy just like you’d do for me.

Emmett's drug of choice.

Emmett’s drug of choice.

Bacon would have been my first choice ’cause then I could have some too, but that was far too much trouble. Besides, how do you WRAP a tiny pill in a crispy slice of delicious bacon?

We opted for a creamy slice of delicious Kraft American Cheese. Wrapping the tiny half pill in a strip of cheese torn from the slice did the trick.  No problems at all and, of course, he gets to eat the rest of the cheese not already torn from the slice.

Bottom line, every night he gets a slice of cheese with his pill in it.

Problem #1:  Now he recognizes the word “cheese.”  So you can’t say any word containing the one syllable alert notification “cheese” without eliciting at a minimum this response:

"Emmett, do you want some... cheese?"

“Emmett, do you want some… cheese?”

More often than not, though, there’s a lot of jumping around, barking, whining, wagging of tails, excitement and anticipation unmatched in canine behavior worldwide.

Problem #2:  Now he expects it and demands it just about the time I get home from work.

He’s still a good dog, but I suspect that he’ll be getting a slice of tasty American cheese every day for the rest of his rotund little life, hay fever or not.


Anyway, please join me in celebrating our second Emmettversary, as the lovely and talented Beth Geyer proclaimed today to be in reminding me of the significance of this date.


Emmett is a full-fledged good boy and member of our family now.

Some Quick Thoughts

You’d never think it from my Facebook feed or from the previous sixty years of my life, but I started exercising about six weeks ago. Witnessing recent illnesses in the family as well as my own shortcomings in controlling diabetes made it a priority.

Two things happened that are worthy of note.

  1. A little encouragement goes a long way.

I was out for a run (no, no one was chasing me) a couple weeks ago in really hot, humid weather. I probably shouldn’t have been out vigorously exercising on such a scorcher particularly since I was just starting my exercise program after having been sedentary for… well, a really, really long time.  Like years.  Anyway, I was running along Hoadly Road and a bicyclist passed me going the other way. “Good job! Keep it up!” he shouted to me as he whizzed past.

Just that little bit of anonymous encouragement made me lengthen my stride, improve my posture and run a tad faster. I was surprised at the immediate effect that it had on my run and my dedication to keep it up. That bicyclist will never know the impact that his five little words had on me.

My point? Never underestimate the power of kind words of encouragement. You never know whose life you might be improving. (Especially kids.)



Sidebar: I bought myself a Fitbit. It’s a surprisingly good motivational tool.


  1. Vigorous exercise improves depression better than any pill I’ve taken.

I’ve taken ‘em all over the years. Exercise works wonders. I hate it, I truly hate exercise, but you know what? It freakin’ works.


My one comment about the Clinton email decision by FBI Director James Comey.

I think I’ll notify my government bosses at the U.S. Department of Transportation that I’ve set up my own email server and will no longer use government email for my daily business interactions.

I wonder how long I’ll still have a job?



My one comment about the presidential election.

Abstention is now an option.


Gun control.

Mine are. Controlled. Yours should be too.