Don’t Ever Say Dogs Have No Feelings

So last Friday when I went to pick up Nate, Garrett beats him to the car. Garrett walked outside to check mail anyway and on his way, decides to come down to the car and give me a hug. It is very chilly out, probably in the mid 40s. Yet there he is in his bare feet with his favorite Batman throw blanket around his shoulders. I give him a hug and we talk for 10 or 15 seconds and I admonish him that he “… shouldn’t be out here in bare feet!” so I shoo him away and back into the house.

Next, I see Nate come out the door. He starts walking down tentatively and I can see why. He has Ginny in his arms. 

Many times I’ve asked Nate not to bring her down to see me because it was hard on Ginny and it was hard on me. But he insists on doing it anyway. So I dash up the hill in front of the house to meet him before he gets too far.

Ginny takes one look at me and her tail starts wagging a mile a minute like a flag in a tornado. Nate hands her to me and she licks my face, licks my face some more, and cuddles up against me — something she’s hasn’t done in a long, long time, if ever.  I talk to her and rub her tummy, gently scratching her, and tell her I love her.  She rests her head on my shoulder like a small, little Yorkie hug.  Then I give her back to Nate after one more scratch and a snuggle so that he could return Ginny to the house.

What is most charming about it was the sight of that little Yorkie tail start to thrash wildly back and forth as soon as she recognized me. She was so excited to see me! Of course, she couldn’t stay, but I really did want to take her home with me for a visit. She’s such a sweetie and I had no idea she would recognize me at a distance and get so excited to see me. 

It really warmed my heart to see Ginny so enthusiastic about my presence, especially after losing Katie, my cat in Virginia the same day.  It was a really, really sweet, adorable moment in what was otherwise a fairly lousy day.

Katie at 8 weeks-ish

Katie on Oct 30th, 2020