Today is Thursday, April 8th, 2010…

Today is remarkable for one immediate reason: Oak trees.

The oak trees are spewing forth their pollen by the tons and the telltale yellow powder is everywhere in these here parts. Yes, folks, it’s hay fever season once again.

Here are a few things you can do during hay fever season:

1. Sneeze.
2. Sneeze.
3. Rub your itchy eyes.
4. Rub your itchy eyes while you are sneezing.
5. Poke yourself in the eye because you sneezed while you were rubbing your eyes.
6. Wear an eye patch.
7. Wait patiently for “Talk Like a Pirate Day” to come around again.

Enjoy the day.

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This is from a Facebook post. Please don’t hold that against me.

Ok. I admit it. I am a bum. (“Hello, I’m Dan and I am a bum.” “Hello, Dan.”)

But on the upside, I am actually logging into my Facebook account again. I went about three or four months without so much as a peek. But here I am again.

This time, things will be different.


As I have said before, I am really rotten at keeping in touch. I’m even really rotten at keeping in touch on facebok where it’s so easy, a caveman could do it. (Copyright 2001: Geico) But with the new year comes changes. A change in attitude. A change in weather. A change in socks. (I got socks for Christmas!)

And here. I’m going to try to log in here more often than I have been in the previous decade. (And oh yes, I know that the decade doesn’t officially start until 2011. But who am I to argue with the media, the purveyor of truth and impartiality.)

I hope that all of you had a superb holiday season and that 2010 (the last year of this decade) is superb for each and every one.

My big deal this year? Finish flight school.

And for those of you keeping score at home, you can read all about my flight lessons here:

Click Here

There’s other stuff there, too, but please ignore the part about the midget and the noodles.

Be well, everyone! Stay safe. Remember the Alamo.