Pet Peeve for the Day

Coworkers who go to the bathroom and use the sink to wash their face, their hair, the family dog or coffee pots and leave the counter top with large puddles of nasty stained water and soggy pieces of hand towels.  I’ll bet they don’t do that at home!


P.S.  Thanks to Bill Jones for the cool Pet Peeve photo!

Today is Monday, April 12th, 2010…

Good morning all and welcome to another work week!

I have yet to lower the amount of blood in my caffeine system enough, so I am a little slow this morning. It’s a gorgeous day in DC!

I have a good excuse for not flying today and tomorrow. There’s no general aviation flights allowed in the area around DC because of the big nuclear (nucular, for those of you who prefer the non-standard pronunciation) summit going on here. So the entire flight school is grounded ’till Wednesday.

Here’s my list of how the detonation of a suitcase nuke in DC and the subsequent radiation of free nuclear energy in the atmosphere would affect my day:

1. Coffee warmed by sitting it on the windowsill.
2. No need for the itty bitty book light any more, since everything will glow in the dark.
3. Save money on spaying and neutering pets because the radiation would render them sterile.
4. Reruns of “The China Syndrome,” “The Day After,” and “Jericho” would return to favor.
5. Determine once and for all if those fucking cockroaches would survive in the post apocalyptic world.
6. Everyone has male pattern baldness.

Enjoy the day!