A Graphic Birthday (and Other Lies)

Over the years, I’ve been asked to do some digital photography as part of my employment. Since I’m not a very good photographer, by necessity, I’ve learned to use Adobe Photoshop. As gag projects, I’ve created parody movie posters for Beth Geyer’s birthday and on occasion, for the rest of the family and others.

Below is a compilation of these posters. Click on the image to show the full-ish resolution version.

Cool Pictures That I’m In or That I Took: “So Yeah, This Blog Still Exists” Edition

Here’s another in a series of posts I’m going to make when I find some of these treasures. Some will be captioned, others will not. The only criteria for posting in this series is that:a.) I’m in the photo or…b.) … I took the photo. Photo from Hamvention 2022, the world’s largest ham radio convention. From left, Chris Kavanaugh, Jeff Tobin (KC3NJE), me (KN4FYR), and Donovan Wheatley (KE8TKI). Departing the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) Conference at the Hard … Continue reading

We Have Landed!

The post below was written June 12, 2020. At that point, the Perseverance Lander had not yet left Earth. It launched on July 30, 2020 and I’ve been following it ever since. Today, it arrived safely on the Red Planet, and will start its science missions soon. Now, Nate, Garrett, Beth and I have our names on Mars, attached to the rover along with about 1.2 million of our closest friends who also have their names on the rover. The … Continue reading

The Apple, er… Cheese Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

Nate is spending a few days here and he likes to cook when he’s here. I try to help out and NOT be the nervous father when he lights multiple gas burners on the stove at once. Dude’s gotta learn, am I right? Tonight’s recipe was macaroni and habanero cheese. Let that sink in a minute. Not just the plain ol’ Kraft Mac and Cheese. No, sir. Nate decided to go full-tilt with the habanero cheese he got at Giant … Continue reading

Don’t Ever Say Dogs Have No Feelings

So last Friday when I went to pick up Nate, Garrett beats him to the car. Garrett walked outside to check mail anyway and on his way, decides to come down to the car and give me a hug. It is very chilly out, probably in the mid 40s. Yet there he is in his bare feet with his favorite Batman throw blanket around his shoulders. I give him a hug and we talk for 10 or 15 seconds and … Continue reading

“Don’t Say I Never Did Nuthin’ For You.”

While this has already been posted to Facebook, I am reposting it here so that I can find it once Facebook has relegated it to the distant past. This is the most remarkable thing. Some weeks ago, Garrett was going through some Pokemon cards and came across this guy, Cresselia. Cresselia is described as “Those who sleep holding Cresselia’s feather are assured of joyful dreams.” Garrett read me the description and I said “I need one of those ’cause I … Continue reading

On The Nineteenth Anniversary of 9/11

Just like last year, I wasn’t sure that I could post this again today. In the last few days, I started to see the 9/11 remembrance posts popup on Facebook. Most of me was convinced that I’d had far more than my share of sadness this year, so I avoided those posts, scrolling past them as fast as I could. Another part of me felt exactly as I described in the first two italicized paragraphs just below this one, written … Continue reading

A Previous Facebook Rant Which Still Applies Today

This is a repost of an earlier post that I made when I was pissed off at everything. Well, tonight, I’m pissed off at everything again, so you get this rerun instead of something original. Deal with it. It’s time for a rant and my rants mean run-on sentences. Grammar police, you might want to look away. I’m not going to single anyone out but yes, I’m going to bitch about something that some of you like to do that just … Continue reading