September 11, 2001

“So, do you think the Army’s going to call you up because of this?” “I sure as hell hope so.” That was the big question my supervisor at the E! Channel asked me on 9/11. While I did eventually get called up, I’d gladly give up all the financial and professional gains which resulted if it had never happened. But that’s not what these words are going to be about. I was awakened that morning by a phone call from … Continue reading

Ground School Lesson #1 or “Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More”

Last night was the first night of ground school classes. I arrived to the class early, which is as rare as burning bushes that talk to you. If you could survey all my teachers and college professors you’d get a consensus that early to class isn’t part of my skill set. I promptly made friends with the guy with the iPhone, Jim. Jim is a gregarious guy who has already flown two lessons in the aircraft. I didn’t know you … Continue reading

Flight Lesson Prelude #1 or “A Crash Course in Aviation”

On Saturday, I took the first step toward the fulfillment of a lifelong goal. I plunked down the credit card and have committed myself to a flight training program which will lead to a private pilot’s license. The collection of books is bigger and heavier than Rosie O’Donnell’s butt! Yikes! Wish me luck! … Continue reading

How I spent my Alumni Weekend

The trip began innocuously enough. I headed out on schedule, stopped by the Safeway to get some soda, beer, condiments and chips for the Saturday party I was hosting. I picked up my seven long-sleeved business shirts from the cleaners, light starch. I climbed into the RV and proceeded northbound on I-95 happy as the proverbial clam. Traffic was a little heavy for what one would expect from a Thursday night, and as I got closer and close to Maryland, … Continue reading