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  1. Beautifully written and obviously, your heartache felt. It doesn’t take long for an animal to make a forever print in our hearts. God Bless for the care and love you chose to provide Bella! She was lucky and blessed….as was your family

  2. Nicely written, Dan. My best wishes to you all. I fondly recall chatting with Bella when last I visited you – the baby was a hoot. We miss them so much when they go because they accept us as we are, never tell us we’re ugly or dressed funny or not good enough, and they’re usually glad to see us. If I may suggest – go get another one. Bella would approve, because she knows you have enough room in your <3 for her. Go chase bunnies, Baby Girl.

  3. Thanks, Nicki. The boys wondered all day what I was writing. When they saw the photos of Bella, they wanted to know what it was. Garrett asked me to print it out for him and Nate asked me to read it to him. So I read it aloud as part of our evening story time. Garrett said he tried really hard not to cry, and I did too. It was a bittersweet moment. Then we went on and Garrett read one of his books aloud and cheered up the mood. They’re good kids. 🙂

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