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  1. When my sister took my son to France when he was eleven, with my dad being a WWII Vet, he could tell you each battle, ship etc. The one main thing he wanted out of France other than seeing the Mona Lisa, was to Visit the beachhead in Normandy. My sister on their last day in France took a 3-6 hour bus trip to Normandy,where my 11 year old visited the bunkers,. walked all the beachheads he could get to and took a large bag of sand home and distributed to all my dad’s friends and kept a jar in memory for himself to such a sacred place. Thank you all veterans for their sacrifice.

  2. You’re right, Hunter. And I should have caught that. Bob and I were roommates for a time when he was in DC. I’ll fix that omission. (Edit: Turns out, he wasn’t on the copy of the alert roster I was working from. The error is mine.)

  3. That photo must have been right before I came on board. Either that or the Corps of Engineers was still trying to keep me from leaving them!

  4. Dan, yes he passed away while I was in Iraq. He had cancer that had spread to his brain. I got to spend a few weeks with him at Ft. Meade I was in DINFOS before deployment and he was instructing a PA class. He was sick at the time and found out after his 2 week class that it was cancer. Bob was a great guy we had served together on WWI I 50th, Korean War 50th and the 100th of the Army Reserve many good memories!

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