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  1. I love the remastered stuff – have all the blu-rays – all kinds of fun new bits. I watched “The Man Trap” a couple of nights ago and they show a long shot of the ruins that Kirk and McCoy are beaming down to – just a few seconds, but things like that make it worth the money – to say nothing of the rich colors and precision focus.

  2. There’s a zillion of those I haven’t seen in awhile. I almost always find a half dozen that I like. A couple weekends ago, I binge watched the first four movies. The director’s cut of ST:TMP is a far different movie — still not very good, but it has a point that was missing in the theatrical release.

  3. I do like the directors cut of ST TMP, and yes, I know it’s not very good but it has a special place in my Trek heart = and I always love Kahn. I’m planning on a binge watch with a friend of mine in the next couple of weeks. I’m picking my 10 best, but I think she’ll only be able to sit for 5 or so 🙂

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