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Knock off the Hitler Comparisons — 7 Comments

  1. Actually, I’m afraid I disagree in some respects at least. I think there are plenty of American politicians who are just as evil and twisted as Hitler. They’re simply not as EFFECTIVE and powerful as Hitler and they don’t have the socioeconomic conditions of Germany after WWI to propel them to that kind of position. But really, GWBush launched an unprovoked war against an essentially defenseless country simply because he wanted to do something his daddy “couldn’t”. That’s pretty fucking evil.

  2. Regardless of the perceived motivation for W’s invasion of Iraq in 2003, one cannot factually say that it was unprovoked. Having been assigned in Saudi Arabia to an adjacent unit to Joint Task Force – Southwest Asia in 2000 and 2001, I know first hand that coalition aircraft were fired upon repeatedly in violation of the terms of the Gulf War 1 cease fire. That counts as provocation, whether one deems it significant provocation or not.

    Some statistics follow in this Wikipedia article. (I was there for the unrelated incident in 2001 with the SA-7 missile described in this article.)

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