Random Thoughts

1.  Just because I’m having a shitty day doesn’t mean you have to.

2.  Relationships are like cell phone calls.  Sometimes the connection is clear.  Other times you just get dropped.

3.  Why are all those clams so goddamn happy in the first place?

4.  As of this moment, I’d much rather have a rhino than a rhinovirus.

5.  In just a few weeks, my Prius will have been driven enough miles to have made it 0.8373280860773272 of the way to the moon.

6.  I have new camera fever.

7.  I have new phone fever.

8.  I have a fever.  (See item 4.)

"Dammit, Spock. I forgot to charge my communicator!!!"

“Dammit, Spock. I forgot to charge my communicator!!!”

9.  How come I have to use a wire to charge my wireless devices?  That’s not REALLY wireless.  I want wireleast devices.  (Yes, I know about charging pads.)

10.  I wonder if Jim Kirk had to plug in his communicator at night to charge.



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  1. I love the remastered stuff – have all the blu-rays – all kinds of fun new bits. I watched “The Man Trap” a couple of nights ago and they show a long shot of the ruins that Kirk and McCoy are beaming down to – just a few seconds, but things like that make it worth the money – to say nothing of the rich colors and precision focus.

  2. There’s a zillion of those I haven’t seen in awhile. I almost always find a half dozen that I like. A couple weekends ago, I binge watched the first four movies. The director’s cut of ST:TMP is a far different movie — still not very good, but it has a point that was missing in the theatrical release.

  3. I do like the directors cut of ST TMP, and yes, I know it’s not very good but it has a special place in my Trek heart = and I always love Kahn. I’m planning on a binge watch with a friend of mine in the next couple of weeks. I’m picking my 10 best, but I think she’ll only be able to sit for 5 or so 🙂

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