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What a Difference a Year Makes! — 27 Comments

  1. I should have said “… of civilian employment with the federal government…” However, being a federal employee and being in the military are generally considered different among those of us who spent significant time in uniform. I suppose from the dictionary definitions, it’s a distinction without a difference, but it really IS different.

  2. Dan – our government is only as good as the people we have in it. The military is vital, but for many so is the person that processes that Social Security check, that person who helps to straighten out a Medicare claim, that person who gives final approval to a CDC grant, I could go on and on. Our American Government is a reflection of the American people. Sometimes it’s pretty stupid, at other times it’s pretty great. It’s a little bit better for having you in it.

  3. “I am totally outclassed by pretty much everyone with whom I interact…” What you see, Dan, is their particular skill sets. You have your own and they see that as well. In addition, it would be very difficult indeed to outclass one such as you who sees the best in everyone and treats them as such.

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