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In Defense of the Underdog — 26 Comments

  1. I just read that Ted Cruz, from the floor of the Senate, accused Mitch McConnell of being a liar. A prevaricator he may well be, but what the heck has happened to any sense of dignity and decorum? I’m just disgusted with the whole kit and caboodle. (I’ve been wanting to use that expression. Now to find a reason to use “jiggery pokery”).

  2. Rubio doesn’t have Kasich’s budgetary experience, though he beats him in name recognition. Kasich’s weakness is that he’s been out of Congress awhile and probably doesn’t have the active contacts of a Marco Rubio. Then again, some would consider that a strength rather than a weakness.

  3. Obviously, I did. My takeaway is that your contention that she’s a fait acompli may be moot, given the two points I made in response. Whining about the Republican field didn’t hold that much interest for me. But not that you’ve asked, I like Carly Fiorina a lot. SHe would destroy Hillary in a one on one debate, and remove asinine “historical” nature of another first. Also open to hearing more from Kasich and Walker.

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