Cool Pictures That I’m In or That I Took: “I Haven’t Done This In Ages” Edition

Here’s another in a series of posts I’m going to make when I find some of these treasures. Some will be captioned, others will not. The only criteria for posting in this series is that:

a.) I’m in the photo or…

b.) … I took the photo.


While enjoying a ride on the canals in Venice, Italy, we encountered this guy who looks as though he’s enjoying his job piloting a gondola. (May 2008)


I took this on the Piazza San Marco in Venice. This small human was chasing the pigeons and he was adorable. He stopped momentarily and I was able to grab this photo. Always liked this snapshot. (May 2008)


Took this over the weekend. You may have seen it on Facebook already. It’s Nate, of course, Beth’s small human. Dude loves having his picture taken and it shows. Plus, it’s amazing how good cellphone cameras have become! All I did to this was remove the Toad tattoo on his arm and remove some chocolate.


From left to right, Rodney Leitzel, Carl Valente, me and John Scheneman, the drum line of the Valley Forge Military Academy Band circa 1973. I believe this photo came to me from Bill McKibbin, but I am unsure of its origin.


That’s me in the back row fourth one in from the left , this time playing trombone and being conducted by Eugene Ormandy, then the conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Our band appeared on stage with the Philadelphia Orchestra at President Nixon’s second inaugural concert in January, 1973.

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