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Guest Blog – Evil Twin of the Sub Divine -or- Chernobyl on a Bun — 49 Comments

  1. Subsequent post by Beth kinda bookends the kind of a day she’s having:

    “I got just under 4 hrs of sleep last night and it’s made me a little punch drunk, which I hadn’t realized until just now when I took Emmett outside.

    He’s been going nuts all day chasing lizards in the backyard (his favorite pastime). As he bolted for the back door, I said ‘Are you excited to chase some lizards?? Gonna put the fear of dog in them??’ and it was at this point that laughter erupted from me in a loud, terrifying manner. Picture a half evil, half manic laugh that just kept getting louder and louder. OVER A PUN. And not even a good pun.

    I had to grab onto the entertainment center to steady myself with a ‘Whoa, girl. Take it easy’.

    And then I was just sad because it’s too late for a nap.”

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