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  1. Testify.
    I’ll repost a political bit if I anticipate getting a robust response… simply for giggles, or to poke the bear because I’m bored or feeling spiteful that the bear seems to be getting too much rest… but i have been gollywomped more than I predicted this year by vehement low brow negative attacks, complaints, insults, and whines. It sucks the air right out of my sail and I founder like sexually aggrieved salmon staring at a dam where once was a hot fishy female fortune. I know I am mixing metaphor and simile all over but no one freaking reads these things so, hush.
    As you stated, the truly hard aspect is when the explosive negativity flows from someone you did not expect; Someone you otherwise admire or respect.
    Frustrating as hell.
    Reminder time…
    Guess what Wolf Man…?
    We are not alone.
    You already know this, but take renewed solace in the silent camaraderie of the disillusioned. The grand experiment of social media has finally been tested, in this election, and the guild is off the Lilly.
    Big time.
    People, if given their head, will run headlong into the abyss without the restriction of polite societal rules. “Lord of the Flies” is cliche and sad because it is frighteningly real. For some reason, a growing percentage of our online world seems to operate as though an unseen giant IT administrator flipped off the switch for civility. This election isn’t necessarily showcasing dark energies as it is demonstrating life with the safeties off, a hair trigger away from explosive release. Words are weapons. We learned this over our Public Affairs career…. and this is really all the issue revolves around. People feel they are “weapons free.”
    Whatever caused this we seem to immersed in the new normal. How do we respond?

    The few times I would flee from SM in the years since a friend convinced me to join Facebook (this person has since opted out of FB btw) was maybe 1-2 in a calendar year. It would be a personal slight or the treacherous ground crossing of personal worlds and professional. Always ugly when that happens.
    Yet, those rare instances stayed confined to only those involved. Now?

    Dude, it is a free-for-all fu__fest, as everyone with a beating heart and throbbing temple vein feels the necessity to lob disgusting green blobs of swamp muck onto the back and forth tennis court of discourse and the whole game just.

    And wtf?

    I hear and feel you, Dan. I’ve never lay claim to intellectual prowess or conjectured bullshit about my educational shortfalls. If I felt I “could” offer insight to something and I felt the desire, I’d join in. Sometimes, I’ve wound up treading dark water, surrounded by well-read snobmeisters, but mostly, my input is either ignored or I’ll get a PM from someone so we can chat offline. It’s always interesting to learn another viewpoint, as there is zero growth in a bubble. Yet, I never felt denigrated or emotionally castrated by willingly joining into a FB thread.

    Until this year.

    Dan, have we run the gamut of what social media offers? The true face from multiple generations of intellectual derision for being a “college boy” is on display. The academic smarm is thick and heavy with condescension. The mean-spirited have a viable vitriolic vent vehicle.
    Do we walk away entirely?
    Should we swim only on the warm surface waters of dog videos and charming Buddhist meam mantra? Shall we self castigate our innate impulsive desire to engage, as adults, despite “the burned hand teaches best” lessons?

    You and I have blogs. I enjoy yours and I’ve learned a lot of fun stuff from your Hollywood connections and you’ve proffered some thoughtful ideas that made me think. Pushing yourself into deeper and darker waters is what free and open discourse is all about. Please don’t back completely away from FB because of assholishness. You can remain inviolate in your blogosphere, Dan, but I hope you shake this off and come back to stating your opinions with an open mind and heart, regardless.

    When you cut through the emotional noise, this issue is about fear. Maybe not an active fear of being judged, or verbally abused by a moron, but a fear of losing a part of yourself simply in venturing forth. You start to fear the expenditure of energy and the resultant negative balance sheet.

    Fuck fear.

    Dan Wolf, speak your piece and spread the peace.

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