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  1. Wow, who p*ssed in your Wheaties this morning? 😂 Seriously, you are spot on. Compromise is now a four letter word. Patriotism is no longer love of country, but me getting mine.

  2. Ah, you young whippersnapper! I am slightly older than you, so I get to use that term. Spot on, dear. I couldn’t have expressed it any better myself.

    And good for you getting those discounts. Wonderful perk, aren’t they?

  3. Dave’s three rules of politicians:

    Number one. Get reelected.
    Number two. Raise copious amounts of money to facilitate rule number one.
    Number three. Oppose anything the other guy is in favor of, which helps you to raise copious amounts of money, which helps to facilitate rule number one.
    Any questions?
    Oh, and get off my lawn! 😎
    Seriously, spot on, my friend!

  4. Fun & serious stuff, Dan Wolfe. Obama recently had a meeting with freshman members of congress. His big message, and I’m paraphrsaing:
    Commit to one cause that you really believe in, that you’ll really fight for, even if it might get you voted out of office. In the Washington, D.C. game, you will know you never lost that one authentic part of the real you.

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