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Battle of the Trek Geniuses II – The Second Day — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Dan, you know I enjoy your blogs, and talking Trek – especially with you :). I think it’s interesting that we only have one pick that’s the same in our top 5. Overall, our lists are very different – only 4 from the entire 10. You’ve got some great picks, Susan Oliver in particular perhaps should’ve made my list – and would have, if we’d done 15 :).

    • To some degree, I think that our taste in guest stars has a lot to do with our favorite episodes picks. It was really tough for me to focus on episodes I didn’t like in which I thought the guest stars rated greater merit. And much as I loved “Wrath of Khan,” I never could get past the Starfleet lieutenant’s betrayal of the Enterprise. That without a doubt colored my evaluation of Ricardo Montalban in “Space Seed.”

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