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  1. Jonathon Wolfe – Happy to oblige! That’s as close as I ever got to doing anything clandestine. Though in Germany we used to see the Soviet Military Liaison Mission sedans with real Soviets driving around the autobahns. We were supposed to report them when we saw them, and I think I saw them twice in eighteen months. (Edit: We carried these cards and this is pretty close to the one I recall from 1981-ish.)

  2. Thanks Dan. I enjoyed reading your “war ” stories. I spent some time at grad, hoenfels, and did the REFORGER. I was stationed with 1/10 Field Artillery in Schweinfurt. Funny I also earned a D in Russian. Took that at VF with Col. Christiansen. I read your story between clients here at Camp Lejuene where I am embedded with the 6th Marine Regiment as a civilian contracted mental health counselor (MFLC). I enjoy ongoing service helping Marines and families. Take Care

  3. Jeffrey Miller – Col. Christensen wsa my Russian prof as well. I really enjoyed him as a Russian teacher. His Western Civ classes weren’t nearly as fun or engaging. Great guy. I wish he had lived long enough for me to tell him that story. Relatedly, when I was driving around Bosnia, we entered a town in which the signs were in Cyrillic. With some effort, I could read them — at least sound ’em out. As long as the word was close, I knew what they said.

  4. You didn’t talk about that stellar AT we spent at Camp Bob with the 90Worst Training Division. I am still trying to forget it =)

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