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  1. Hi Dan,

    Hershey came to us with the same issues, maybe worse, than Emmitt. That was 1/2008, he had just turned 1. He was suppose to be perfect, per the rescue. MANY trials and tribulations later, plus lots of money, he is more social, but his prior life left him with a dislike for children. We had a behaviorist plus some medication. But the biggest thing is building a trust level, which we have. He is about to turn 9 and because of various structural issues he has maybe three years. Bless you and Beth for caring for Emmitt and giving him a better life, love, and patience to build trust. In the end it is worth the work for the love of the animal.

  2. She kills them for you? Geez. All she does for me is play with them…little high-speed chases all over the house. My favorite is when she carries them upstairs and let’s them go in my bedroom. So afraid to go in my closet. 😻🐭

  3. I adopted my Sadie when she was two years old. I didn’t know at the time that she was dog aggressive. After a few years I stopped trying to break her of it. We just stayed home and avoided risky situations. She was the perfect dog in every way, except that one. She lived to be 14. She was a sweetie.

  4. I grew up with a dachshund with much the same attitudes. He was very affectionate with family, but not at all happy with strangers. And it took a lot of visits before someone became “not a stranger.”

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